writing services

As a business person, you’ve worked hard to build a quality image, product, or service. Whether in print or online, your written communication should support that. Enlisting the services of a professional copywriter like me is the best way to go if you don’t have the time, ability, or resources to create compelling copy that will convey your message and present the image that you want.

I’ll write articles, blog posts, website copy, business reports, newsletters, white papers, and marketing and advertising copy for you. I can also script videos and TV and radio commercials. Let me take care of putting the words together so that you can get back to running your business.

editing services

You have something important to say and you've devoted the time and effort into putting it down on paper or on screen. Before you send your work off for publication, I'll make sure that grammar issues, typos, and style problems don't get in the way of your message. I can also edit your writing for clarity, organization, and consistency and make sure it's appropriate in tone and message for your intended audience.

Whether you need help editing articles, website copy, marketing collateral, or other business writing, I'm here to help. Let me take care of all of the persnickity details so you don't have to.